Milcots Mobile Video wall Markets

FIRST RESPONDERS, CIVIL DEFENSE, CATASTROPHE TEAMS, NGOS, LAW ENFORCEMENT, UTILITY COMPANIES AND STATE GOVERNMENT can now also be prepared with a complete, ready to go mobile communications command center.

As a leader in the rugged display and computing field for the U.S. Military, Milcots constantly responds to market challenges with rugged innovation using COTS components.

Designed to meet C5ISR military requirements, Milcots Mobile Video Wall has applications for a variety of markets that require a secure means of gathering and analyzing a wide range of information sources in one location.

Milcots Mobile Video wall is an excellent training tool allowing large groups to be clearly addressed thanks to the adjustable height function.

Law Enforcement Special Operations, Surveillance, Traffic Regulation, Domestic Security/Terrorism, Training
Utilities Catastrophic Events, Fire, Training, Surveillance and Management
Ground forces Warfare, Defense, Battlefield Management, Tactical Action Plan, Border Surveillance, Facilities Surveillance, Training
First Responders Mass Fire and Shooting Scenarios, Public Event Monitor
State Govt Emergency Weather, Natural Disasters, Fire, Public Health
Air Force Warfare, Defense, UAV System Management, Air Surveillance, Tactical Air Control, Ground Control, Training
Navy Warfare, Defense, UAV System Management, Naval Battle, Coastal Surveillance, Tactical Action Plan, Training – We also have a dedicated 901D framed video wall for ship use.
NGO Migration Crises, Displaced Populations, Refugee Camps Management
Safer World Group


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