Secure Mobile Video Wall

Catastrophic Events
Temporary Command Centers, Emergency Situations &  Surveillance

Homeland Security, Armed Forces and First Responders are required to be prepared for the unexpected events. To fulfill the obligations of duty we need to make fast and accurate information driven decisions.

Milcots Mobile Video Wall gives leadership teams the opportunity to securely monitor and direct situations with Milcots Video Wall package which assembles and sets up within 30 minutes.

  • Data sources can include surveillance sources, internet sites, laptops, external camera imaging, guidance information, databases.
  • Information is visualized and processed by leadership personnel in proximity to the situation or field of action.
  • Superb resolution ensures data is clear and visually exceptional.

Available in a number of different set ups (4, 6 and 9 monitors) – This is a complete turnkey package from a trusted, field tested USA company that has provided thousands of displays and computers to every branch of the US Armed Forces.

  • Size Options Range from 2 x 2 (4 monitors) to 2 x 3 (6 monitors) and 3 x 3 (9 monitors) tiled panels.
  • COTS system with field proven deployment. 
  • Power Lift built into base to easily raise viewing screen for larger audiences.
  • Designed for Mobility in weatherproof cases.
  • Temporary installation in a building, shelter or a soft-top cover or inflatable tent.
  • Easily stored - necessary surface area from 41 to 71 ft².
  • Fast and simple setup: mechanical assembly in 10 minutes (see the 4.5 minute demo video).
  • Designed to compensate for uneven ground installations with a consistent sound & image quality.
  • Patented monitor assembly system - with shock absorbers, locking hooks and foldable handles.
  • Full Audiovisual system – image, sound, data, and integrated UPS.
  • Diagonal sizes up to 138"
  • Energy and cost efficient monitors, with D-LED DID technology.
  • 1.8 mm thin edges and slim bezel-to-bezel width LCD version.
  • Seamless LED screen available.
  • Wide and uniform pictures for optimal viewing. Typical Brightness up to 700 cd/m2.
  • Stunning picture: 8 to 18 megapixel resolution.
  • Small foot print and with easy adjustable power height for optimal viewing.
  • Multiple feeds of information onto multiple displays: display captures and PiP up to 16 pictures.
  • Comprehensive, intuitive software suite for multiple situations included.
  • Full A/V package is ready to use in 30 mn.
  • Upgrade expansions available up to 3 x 3 screens
  • Available in portrait or landscape configurations.
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