About Milcots, Our Strengths.

Milcots has been created to address the needs of the Industry for rugged displays and rugged panel PCs. With more than 15 years of experience, Milcots has a full range of rugged electronic products embedding LCDs and computer modules. Our displays and panels are designed to meet the most severe requirements typically encountered in military environments. Milcots has deployed and qualified solutions for sea, air and ground applications. Driven by all new features and solutions brought by the LCD market, Milcots never stops innovating and  creating new products.

Our expertise is providing solutions designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, that meet the MIL requirements of the most demanding applications, using the best COTS technologies.

We design and manufacture cost effective HMI solutions that meet each customer’s unique requirements, prototype or production. Our modular design approach achieves design-to-cost benefits by using proven building blocks, reducing NRE & cycle time.

One of our key success factors is accessible top executives and continuous customer support.

Milcots Sea based solutions

How does MILCOTS satisfy and resolve customers needs and issues?

  • Face to face dialogues
  • Prompt responses
  • Sample hardware for hands-on evaluations
  • Agile and accommodating to changing requirements
  • Simple, cost effective and efficient solutions
  • Latest technologies with long life cycles
Milcots Air based solutions

How do our customers benefit by working with MILCOTS?

  • We design and manufacture displays and panel PCs, allowing customers to focus on higher level tasks
  • Company Leadership hands on involvement - from tech to exec, our focus is on our customer's needs
  • Strong customer support with management of obsolescence as per defense industry goals
  • Extraordinary product backup if problems occur
Milcots Land based solutions

What types of needs, issues or problems lead customers to contact MILCOTS?

  • Any specific environmental or functional requirement leading to a specific design
  • Replacement of competitor’s obsolete technology
  • Custom technical requirements with harsh environment, mobile/vehicular requirements leading to need for ruggedized products

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